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The Best Street Food of Thailand: A Detailed Guide Of Exuberant Thai Cuisine

Street Food of Thailand - A complete Guide to Street Food of Thailand

The world of Thai delicacies is exciting, if occasionally bewildering. There is a wide range of the street food of Thailand which is a culinary exploration in itself and is a must for anyone who visits the country. Are you ready to eat? Before you vanish off from Thailand to your home country, here’s all that you need to try from the land of exciting yet peculiar dishes. It’s cheap and delicious and will leave you wanting for more.

The Thai food comes in plenty guises. You may find a humble cart on the roadside or a collection of stalls in the busy street market. There can also be traditional shops with tables that jut out onto the pavements. Needn’t worry about hygiene; just find your dish on a busy street since the ingredients are always fresh. So, put on a comfortable pair of pants and get ready for a delicious ride to explore Thailand’s food culture.

Here are some of the best street food of Thailand

1. Vermicelli with Seafood

Ob Woon Sen is the name! A must try quintessential street food of Thailand. Glass bean noodles are baked with prawns and crab in a metal pot, flavoured with local booze and coriander roots. You can find this delicious Thai street dish at a popular stall in Khlongsan.

2. Pig Innards Soup

This may not sound pleasing to your appetite but it’s a perfect dinner after a night of binge drinking. Pig innards are nothing but soup with cubes of pig’s blood and salted vegetable. Slurp the soup at Yaowarat and Silom. For the brave hearts, this is a must try street food of Thailand. 

3. Pad Thai

Among the most famous street food dishes of Thailand is this famous Thai noodles with eggs and shrimps are found everywhere. It’s often served on banana leaf with extras like dry and crispy shrimps in stalls like Charoen Rat Road.

4. Grilled Chicken with Sticky Rice

Gai Yang is a great breakfast treat. It is marinated chicken that’s grilled over a charcoal fire, enjoyed with glutinous rice. Try to catch this Thailand’s street food at Nang Lin Chee near the old market.

5. Khanom Buang

Tacos anyone? Thin crispy folded crepes are tucked with sweet or savoury coconut shred. If you’ve got a sweet tooth then this could be your dish. It is easily one of the most popular street foods of Thailand. Look out for stalls in Wang Lang, a crowded street that leads you to a pier.

6. Kanom Krok

A snack that tastes like a typical Coconutty Kerala Appam with a soft moist centre that reminds you of a lava cake. Spot this at Soi Convent opposite the popular Hai Som Tam eatery.

7. Salted – Crusted Grilled Fish

Pla Pao (a whole fish) usually tilapia is grilled over charcoal with lemongrass sticking out of the mouth. A how to eat guide to this dish – remove the thick layer of salt, enjoy it with green chilli sauce. Tadaaa!

8. Durian with Sticky Rice

Pieces of mango cooked in coconut sauce and glutinous rice are what this Thailand dish is made of. Go find yourself a perfect place in Yaowarat to enjoy this street food.

9. Boat Noodles

No, it isn’t noodles on a boat. Also known as Kuay Teow Ruea, this dish of Bangkok is a must on your bucket list of Thailand’s street food. Yet another quintessential street food of Thailand that is often shunned by tourists because of the recipe which includes pig’s blood and spice. A version of Boat Noodles with added braised pork is often found in the streets of Bangrak. If your taste buds are adventurous, you may quickly gulp it down your throat as each serving is small.

10. Lod Chong

Pandan flavoured rice in sweetened coconut cream syrup. Noodles made of extracted Pandan leaves and pickling lime are mixed with freshly squeezed coconut cream which gives it a velvety texture of coconut cream. Later pure palm sugar with soft and rich aroma is dissolved to further preserve the silkiness of the coconut cream. Log Chong is ready with a final touch of crushed ice as an excellent refreshment.

11. Asam Gelugor (Som Khaaek)

Yellow sour curry is considered the most comforting food for the people of Thailand’s southern region and therefore automatically comes in the list of the must try street food of Thailand. Fresh turmeric gives this dish its rich yellow tint as well as an aroma with a pleasant bitterly taste.

This southern yellow curry is made of saltwater fish with either bamboo shoots, green papaya, water spinach, the stems of a giant elephant ear plant, winter melon or lotus stems. For better taste shrimp or pork/beef belly is added.

12. Tom Kha Bpet

Most relishing Thai soup and much loved by the tourist for its creamy, soothing blend in a warm silky broth of chicken. This dish is mainly simmered with galangal, grilled banana blossoms and mushrooms. The other version of Tom Kha has lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves which make it different from a coconut based soup named Tom Yam.

13. Khaao Mao Boht

This Thai recipe is nothing but coconut balls rolled in ground roasted unripe rice. It is a dessert for every occasion. This ball-shaped dessert is filled with coconut and wrapped in a thin crust of pounded unripe rice crumbs. Savour this dessert with a Thai dessert candle and fresh flowers.

14. Naam Phrik Narohk

This dish is special from the streets of Thailand as its name is quite attractive. Commonly known as the Devil’s chilli relish of smoked dry wallago catfish, this Thai delicacy is a magic of red hot chilli with hot spices that will heat your taste buds. A blend of sweet, sour and spice with smoked catfish simply mixed with steamy white rice makes it even better.

15. Dtom Jeaw Pla

Another Thai-Laotian fish soup that’s prepared in a jiffy! It’s found on every street of Thailand and is recommended as one of the best Thai dishes to try. There is something in its genuine, unpretentious taste that makes anyone fall in love with it instantly. Fresh Laotian fish is cooked with salt with grilled ingredients like shallots, chillies, eggplants and garlic. It has a silky broth and a scent of lemongrass which is equally blended with fresh herbs, basil, coriander and spring onions.

16. Khai Luuk Kheeuy

The name of this Thai dish might surprise you. Khai Luuk Kheeuy is otherwise known as eggs a la son in law. As per the legend, this dish is an effort of a young man to please his wife’s mother. Hence, there are very basic ingredients added to it since that was all he could find in the pantry.

Eggs are boiled in salt and vinegar which are then added to chopped shallots and red hot chillies fried in rice bran oil. A paste of fish sauce, tamarind, palm sugar and roasted chilli is simmered with the eggs and garnished with coriander leaves.

17. Satay

It is a meat dish that’s threaded and grilled on a bamboo stick over an open flame. It’s served with peanut sauce, shallots, and chillies in sugar syrup. This is a must try signature street food of Thailand.

18. Khao Gang

Khao gang (curry rice) is a popular breakfast that’s a mix of curries and stir fries piled on a plate of rice. It is one of the most famous street food dishes of Thailand.

19. Khao Mun Gai

It is a Hainanese style chicken rice is steamed or boiled atop of a mound of rice greased with chicken fat and breast meat. This is an iconic dish of Thai streets.

20. Khao Say

Northern Thailand’s most acclaimed dish is Khao Soy – Chinese style noodles with coconut milk curry and braised beef or chicken. It is presented a nice bowl of flat egg noodles flavoured in coconut broth garnished with deep fried onions, a wedge of fresh lime and raw shallots.

21. Ped Thum

A favourite roadside dish of Thai among tourists is Ped Thum (braised duck) Juicy duck meat is served with sweet rice, chilli sauce, broth of duck or pork flavoured with bitter lemon. Oh, that’s one sweet, sour and spicy dish of all.

Summing It Up

That’s a lot of dishes to choose from, but all the above make the best Thai dishes to try on the streets of Thailand.

Mouth-watering much? Let’s stop it at that and leave the rest to the foodie in you to explore the amazing Thailand’s food culture that will surprise you at every bite that your take.

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